Saturday, 6 August 2011

Moving on!

Totnes is 500 miles away in South Devon. And in a matter of weeks my family will be living, working and attending school there.
It's not just 500 miles away.  If Totnes' reputation is to be believed then our lifestyle will be lightyears away. 

The reputation is for music, art, theatre and natural health. A haven for those seeking an alternative lifestyle, with a flourishing new age community. It is known as a place where one can live a bohemenian lifestyle. Of course that all sounds interesting enough, but if I'm honest I'm not entirely sure I know what that means or why it attracts me?
I have lots of friends who I would confidently say would fit right in. A steiner teacher, photographer friends, painters, and a vegetarian self-sufficient nutritionist. All of whom I love.
Me, I've always chosen the sensible option, the vocational qualification, the public sector job, the functional car with my creative side only a fuel for hobbies. But I have exhibited art, and surprisingly found buyers willing to pay me for my hobby. I have a healthy respect for the environmental cause and am an avid recycler. I also practise some traditional chinese medicine, although have always thought of myself as the 'skeptical acupuncturist'.

Are these things enough for me to fit in? I've never felt like I fit in anywhere so far, so I have my doubts that my 'home' exists. But at 34, with my friends and family's address books filled with addresses tracking my nomadic search, I want to throw myself into something which might, maybe, possibly be 'it' this time.

Call it a midlife crisis, call it taking control of our lives, call it a niaive search for something that doesn't exist. I'm looking for fun, creativity and above all, I'm looking for my home.
Whether you want me to fall in love with a town that I so want to love, or you want to watch reality bite me on the arse, you are most welcome to join me.

Nevergoogle x


  1. Oh, intriguing start! Looking forward to hearing what comes next.

  2. Reading with interest. I also want to find home, wherever that may be. I am tired of following a lifestyle dictated to me by people who don't know me. I have lived in many houses but have still not found home.Unlike you though, i want to leave south Devon and it's reputation for the bohemian life. I'm not sure if i'm not for it or it's not for me.

  3. Interesting point numptysmummy. Are you in Totnes? I've lived in South Devon before, and not found it to be as relaxed as I'd like. I'm hoping Totnes will be different. We should life swap. Do you fancy a move to Scotland?