Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Settling in

Totnes from Kingsbridge Hill
Back in August I was full of good intentions of keeping you up to date on our arrival in Totnes. But moving is so energy sapping it's taken until now to get the creative juices flowing again. The move was seamless anyhow, so maybe wouldn't have made such interesting reading. The children have settled into their school and work is good. So now it's time for the fun to really begin.

Totnes does seem to be fulfilling the bohemian expectations on the surface at least. There's a lot of wool, hair and dreadlocks involved from a fashion perspective. The bearded and dog-on-a-string-tastic types add a darker edge but I wouldn't be too surprised to discover they were trustafarians trying out homelessness as a social experiment.

Mosaic, Totnes
The Mayor has pink hair and I can't think of anything more marvellous than that and there has been an outcry, not at the Occupy Totnes movement who camped out in town, but at the blue clay gnomes used to decorate the biggest roundabout in town. Incidentally as a fan of silliness for no good reason, I think the gnomes should stay, or at least be replaced with something equally as smile inducing.

The contraversial roundabout gnomes.
The atmosphere around town is cheerful and expectant of greater things, although that might just be me. The market is always worth a mooch and the variety of shops and cafes is reassuring. Of particular interest to me is the events and clubs file held at the tourist information centre. It is a glorious sight to behold full of meditation events, classes of yoga for a healthy menstruation cycle, the laughing club (laughing for no reason, well that's funny in itself) and make your own shoes workshops and anything else you could possibly think of.  Sign me up to everything immediately!

Laundrette Window, Totnes

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