Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Totnes Comedy Club

This has actually been my favourite evening out in Totnes so far.  The Bigmouth Comedy Club live at the Seven Stars Hotel presented by Chris Brooker and 3 other acts. We were treated to the delights of Red Redmond, Rog Monkhouse and dammit I can't remember the third (who was very good but his name has slipped my mind). Chris Brooker, "happy to be amongst company where a large percentage of the us had made their own shoes".
Red was dying phenomenally, but pulled it back towards the end taking us from cringe to howling in about 30 seconds before leaving the stage. He tweeted afterwards, 'You haven't died on stage until you've died on stage in a leotard'. Rog Monkhouse saved the day and was great even whilst unleashing an anti-scottish diatribe in my direction.

The Seven Stars Hotel, Totnes

Bravo! The next comedy club is in April.

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