Monday, 19 March 2012


I'll let you into a deep dark secret of mine... I knit.
I didn't knit, then I moved to Totnes, and now I'm a knitter.
I'm now part of an underground knitting movement in Totnes. It's invitation only, and I was so flattered to be invited I agreed to go along. And it wasn't long before the others noticed I couldn't actually knit, and they've been so kind to their newest recruit that I can now cast on, cast off, knit and purl and as far as I'm concerned that's as much as I'll ever need to know. You want knitted squares? You got it.  You want a fancy cable knit cardigan with button holes and maybe some batwing sleeves, go to the shops and buy it thank you very much.

Lots of lovely wool to be found at Creative Crafts and Needlework, Totnes.

The coffee is mostly hot, and the chat is good with the majority being mums of children at various schools, mainstream and not so mainstream, including the local steiner school and the park democratic school. All perfect opportunity for a competitive parent meltdown, but no sign of any brewing resentment (for now at least).
Lacking in any actual talent for knitting I'm able to offer enthusiasm and ideas for world domination through knitting. I'm rounding up some of the ladies for some Gangsta style knitting graffiti. Knittaz in fact.Watch this space Totnes.

Iz it coz we iz knittaz?

Nevergoogle x


  1. I like knitting, but I can only do squares. Well, I can attempt a sock with lots of help from my Mum to do the difficult bits. Good luck with the knitting graffiti!

  2. Knitted squares are where it's at Jennifer. I can't think what you can't make with squares.