Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Doctor Woo?

This weekend Totnes would have seen  the launch of the new Totnes Cancer Health Centre with a day of lectures, power point presentation, films and healing on the relationship between alternative medicine and cancer care. The Totnes Cancer Health Care conference speakers will cover topics such as 'Mistletoe therapy' and 'How Cancer health care cured my son'.

Local MP and Doctor, Sarah Wollaston tweeted her concerns staing 'This would be funny if it didn't target cancer sufferers at the most vulnerable time in their lives'. After reports to the trading standards and totnes town council the event has been cancelled as it contravenes strict laws against advertising cures for the disease.

The speakers included the Italian Dr Tullio Simoncini and his presentation "Cancer is fungus" and Sodium Bicarbonate Therapy. Dr Simoncini has been struck off the medical register in Italy.

Organiser Dr Stephen Hopwood was quoted in the Totnes times today prior to the announcement saying, "We do live - apparently - in a society of free speech. We haven't actually descended into outright military fascism yet, have we?"

From a personal perspective I'm happy to see that Totnes has taken a responsible attitude to the risks involved with non evidence based medicine. I'm happy to see that Totnes takes it's reputation as a centre for alternative health seriously enough to question the professionalism of those responsible for the promotion of alternative medicine.

Today I met a man in the supermarket buying scones, clotted cream and jam and after I'd invited myself to his house for lunch, he told me he had cancer and that he had to eat a high calorie diet.  I wished him well and praised him for his choices.

He could be onto something you know, who could argue with devon cream tea therapy?

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